A Digital Toolbox for Filmmakers

Some of you may know that PBS was soliciting proposals from filmmakers for a feedback session at SilverDocs International Conference. I had a chance to speak to Eric Freeland, from PBS Interactive, and got some more details about the session: PBS Interactive Workshop: Building Your Digital Toolbox.

The digital world is still a mystery to many filmmakers. At this session, PBS’ digital “gurus” will listen to presentations and offer feedback that will help “expand reach and outreach.”

According to Freeland, the session will focus on four areas of development:
– audience
– content
– social media & marketing
– platform

Didn’t know about this opportunity? No worries. Even if your project wasn’t one of the chosen three, there will be an open Q & A and you are bound to learn a thing or two during as the filmmakers present their projects and receive feedback. The digital world is a great opportunity to generate buzz about your film and to promote the film’s message. And this event is a great opportunity to learn about best practices!

The session, which will be moderated by Stephen Gong from the Center for Asian American Media, features a great lineup of panelists:

Lauren Aguirre, executive editor, NOVA Online
Kevin Dando, director, PBS Digital Marketing and Communications
Mary Hope Garcia; senior manager, PBS Interactive
Jen Kaczor, senior producer, ITVS Interactive
Catherine Quayle, Web editor-in-chief, Need To Know
Theresa Riley, director, POV Interactive

You can register in person from now through the end of the Conference. There are a variety of pass options.


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