The Ultimate Insider Session

Have you always wanted to know how to take your great idea for a documentary and actually get it on television?

UNDERSTAND THE AUDIENCE! THEN DEVELOP THE PROGRAMS: An “Insider’s Guide” to How Factual Television Channels Develop and Commission Programs will teach you what you need to know.

This year’s Silverdocs Conference will offer a number of sessions dealing with distribution and this one focuses on the programming practices of the A&E network. Peter Hamilton, who will be presenting alongside Stephen Harris (A&E Television’s Director of Non-Fiction and Alternative programming), says the session will be a great “How to” session, but he also emphasized the Q & A part, which he is really looking forward to (he emphasized this twice, so bring your questions!).  Hamilton promises techniques that will help you “get your foot in the door.”

The agenda includes:

– A&E’s development and commissioning process
– A&E’s assessment criteria
– Practical presentation techniques (including examples of effective sizzle reels)
– Covering case studies so audience members can follow the whole process

Really, it’s never to early to think about distribution, when it comes to the filmmaking process. So I think this session will be great for people with projects in development, for people who have ideas for documentaries, AND for people who think they may  have ideas for docs in the future. And Hamilton and Harris are experts who have looked at thousands of proposals; so they will be able offer great insight about how to position yourself and your project when approaching A&E (and anyone else).  Attend this session to answer the age-old question: “What do I need to do to get my film distributed?”

Understand the Audience will take place at 10 AM on Wednesday June 23rd. Visit SilverDocs to purchase tickets for the conference.


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