From Sierra Leone–‘War Don Don’

Director/Producer Rebecca Richman Cohen brings to the screen an extraordinary documentary about the trial of Issa Sesay who is charged as a war criminal, guilty of heinous crimes against humanity. His defenders say he is a reluctant fighter who protected civilians and played a crucial role in bringing peace to Sierra Leone. This film has already won the Special Jury Award at SXSW Film Festival, the Karen Schmeer Award at IFFBoston, and the Cinereach Award at the Human Rights Watch: Film Festival New York all in 2010.

Cohen explains to audiences: “I hope WAR DON DON offers an insider’s view about the complex moral, political, and legal questions that issue from rebuilding lawless and war torn nations – and will inspire thoughtful debate about the future of international criminal justice.”

The subject of Sierra Leone has been in the news recently-here are two articles from the New York Times:

The Prosecution of Charles G. Taylor

Accused of War Crimes, and Living with Perks

Click HERE to visit the film’s official website which includes a trailer, information about the filmmakers, reviews about the film and lots more!

This film is sure to impress audiences at this year’s AFI -Discovery Channel Silverdocs film festival-find out when ‘War Don Don’ will screen at Silverdocs 2010 and buy your tickets HERE

***There will be a post-screening panel discussion with filmmaker Rebecca Richman Cohen, Stephen Rapp, US Ambassador for War Crimes Issues, former Chief Prosecutor at the Special Court for Sierra Leone, Alpha Sesay, Trial Monitor for Open Society Justice Initiative in the trial of former Liberian President Charles Taylor; Moderated by Roy Gutman, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Chairman of the War Crimes Project.***

–posted by Ann Trimble


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