Filmmaker Mikael Wiström was born in 1950 in Sweden and says,  “I was certainly influenced by being of the “68” generation having lived my youth during the protests against the war in Vietnam.  The 60s and the 70s also provided a generous and open climate for creative activities. I think the cross breading of the political awareness and the artistic experiments of those days were important in giving me the platform for making me the filmmaker I am today.”

His co-creator, Alberto Herskovits was born 1961 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has written, “A German mother and a Jewish father from Transylvania created a type of “mixed breed” background that I believe very much formed my life. I spent my childhood in West Berlin where I experienced the atmosphere of the Cold War and the beginning of the student movements.”

Together they have crafted  FAMILIA, the third film in 20 years to engage an impoverished Peruvian couple struggling mightily to maintain their dignity as they raise their three children under dismal circumstances. Take look at a preview , learn more about the directors’ influences and their other films and buy your tickets at silverdocs.com.


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