A Marriage Like Any Other

MONICA AND DAVID follows a couple in their first year of marriage. Big deal, right? Well, both Monica and David have Down Syndrome.

Using an intimate style that opens our eyes to the complexities and nuances, Alexandra Codina, Monica’s cousin and the film’s director, shows us that the couple faces ups and downs – like in any marriage. But the question that seems to constantly loom is: “Will they always depend on caretakers?”

While their lack of independence may make them question their capacity to keep the marriage afloat, we see their relationship also exhibits characteristics of successful relationships – respect for each other and sheer determination to make it. In a world where marriage is often taken for granted, Monica and David remind us that sometimes relationships are difficult, but they are worth fighting for.

Aside from its inspiring story, Monica and David is worth checking out because the film challenges our notions of what people with disabilities are capable of. For instance, people with Down Syndrome rarely get married, mainly because they live such isolated lives, David and Monica are building a sharing a relationship that counters that isolation.

Still need some convincing that this film is worth checking out? Maybe these aww-worthy photos will do the trick.

And finally, check out this trailer.

To learn more about this film and buy tickets visit Silverdocs.com.


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