Introductions – Katy B. Jones

Cheers!  My name is Katy Jones.  I work in documentary television.  It’s a pretty fun gig.

While I work daily in documentary production, I still love watching documentary film done by other people.  My friend Becky and I started a blog called Doc&aDrink because we would meet every week to argue about documentary films over a beer, so we decided to blog about our meetings.  Blogging about docs & drinks on our own is what led us to Silverdocs.

Other than watching great films, I love interviewing filmmakers.  Totally love learning how and why they put together films the way that they do.  I think the coolest part of documentary film is that every film “means” something.  Somebody in these films really does exist, really is a hero, and really does care about something you may never have thought was worth noticing.  You walk away from every experience knowing more about the world than when you walked into it.

It is a source of almost daily excitement that one of the world’s most vibrant documentary communities exists here in D.C.  It’s part of what’s kept me around here for so long.  And I’m thrilled to participate helping to publicize one of the world’s best documentary film festivals – Silverdocs.

In my spare time, if I have any, I like crafts.  I’m currently obsessed with crocheting microscopic creatures.

If you are interested in checking us out –  Docandadrink

Blogs about my experience in the field can be found here:

Visits to Death Row

Underwater Robot Test


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