Love Is Universal

Imagine telling an eight year old that not only must she move thousands of miles from her home, but she also must respond to a new name and she must learn a new language.  And, oh yeah, she also has a new family who doesn’t look anything like her.

In her film, WO AI NI MOMMY (I LOVE YOU, MOMMY), which is up for the Sterling U.S. Feature Competition, director Stephanie Wang-Breal brings us the story of Faith (previously Fang Sui Yong), a young girl from China who is adopted by a Jewish family from Long Island. Both Faith and her new family must get to know each other and navigate through the chaos of emotions. As expected, it isn’t easy; but love (in any language) conquers all.

Wang-Breal’s inspiration came from meeting adopted girls who were learning Mandarin. She became curious about the experience. Why might this one be worth checking out? We don’t hear about adoptions of older children too often. Furthermore, international adoptions have come under scrutiny, and this film is sure to add to the dialogue!

Learn more about this film and buy tickets at


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