Blogger Intro: Preeti B.

Hello All,

Before we get into the thick of all things Silverdocs, we have been asked to introduce ourselves.

My name is Preeti and I work at a public independent television station just outside of Washington. I help organize The Shortie Awards — a youth film festival — and look for programs for our recently-launched block of international children’s television – ShorTV.

I love documentary films for a number of reasons: because of their power to educate and make social change, and their ability to remind us how inspiring and crazy life can be. For anyone familiar with the D.C. filmmaking scene, you understand when I say I’m in documentary heaven.

This is my first time working with Silverdocs and I am so honored it is in this capacity. I look forward to writing more about Silverdocs and hope you readers will use the comments section frequently.


One response to “Blogger Intro: Preeti B.

  1. Great to know that Preeti. I love documentaries for the same reason!! Good luck Blogging!!!

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