The Blog Is Back

Welcome back!

After periodic lapses of inactivity, the SILVERDOCSBlog is back in a big way. We’re here to bring you insider information on the festival, Q&As with filmmakers, giveaways, event updates and previews, photos, videos, and more. One thing is guaranteed: It’s all docs, all the time.

We want you to be involved. Let us know what you want to see. React. Join the conversation. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube. Come meet us at the raison d’être — Silverdocs 2010. We’ll be sporting matching t-shirts.

Of course, the nitty gritty won’t commence until June 21. But, there’s plenty to discuss until then. We already know that documentary filmmaker par excellence, Frederick Wiseman, will be this year’s Guggenheim honoree. We’ll be bringing you some career retrospective, interviews, and insights into the trenchant director’s vast body of work in the near future.

We leave you with a couple of reminders from Silverdocs2009 of why we sit around in anticipation of this festival all year:


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