Call for Submissions Now Open!

SILVERDOCS 2010 is barely six months away. How is that possible?!

Here are deadlines:

SilverDocs is now accepting submissions for the 2010 festival.
(Documentarians everywhere rejoice!)
Important Deadlines to remember when submitting your film(s):
Early Deadline for Submissions is January 15, 2010
Regular Deadline for Submissions is March 12, 2010
Late Deadline for Submissions is March 19, 2010


3 responses to “Call for Submissions Now Open!

  1. Looking forward to this year SilverDocs!

  2. I just heard that a short film about Charlie Koiner, our own Silver Spring urban farmer, might be shown at Silver Docs. Please, please include this film – he had a farm in downtown Silver Spring when it wasn’t cool and now is au currant with buy local produce idea – poignant that the world caught up with Charlie rather than the other way around. If you do, it would be wonderful to invite him to the screening.

  3. I will like to send my project “ Searching for William Tell” to you.
    It’s about the tradition of Swiss population with fire arms.
    From the old mercenaries to to days sportive shooters.
    An old legend past it on from time to time under the name of William tell.
    What do i have to do?

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