HERB & DOROTHY’s Cinematic Rainbow Tour Commences

SILVERDOCS 2008 charmer and Audience Award-winner HERB & DOROTHY, which chronicled the unlikely art collectors and their multi-million dollar donation of art to the National Gallery, is having its theatrical debut, and first-time filmmaker Megumi Sasaki tells us all about it in her huffingtonpost.com piece.  The couple were revered as rock stars during their visit to the Festival last summer, and soon everyone can follow the remarkable story of this former postal clerk and librarian who amassed a remarkable art collection.  Due to the National Gallery’s 50 State program, there is a good chance if you live in a major city that part of their collection is on view near you.  Try to see the film if you can.  It opens in New York on June 5th at the Beekman Theatre and Cinema Village, and nationwide in early July.


One response to “HERB & DOROTHY’s Cinematic Rainbow Tour Commences

  1. Another SILVERDOCS Award Winning Alum, THE GARDEN is playing at a theater near you. The film tells the story of a fourteen-acre community garden in South Central Los Angeles and the struggle to save the garden from bulldozers. Check out the film, which won the Sterling US Award at SILVERDOCS (where it had its World Premiere) and was nominated for Best Documentary Feature at the 2008 Academy Awards.

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